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Jan 14th 2014

The Girls

One of the joys of my life is my friendship with Donna Brazile, Yolanda Caraway, Tina Flournoy, and Minyon Moore.  We’re affectionately known around town as “The Colored Girls.”

CGs 3We’ve been friends for more years than we care to count, so long that we can pretty much finish each other’s sentences, cuss each other out, make each other crazy, back each other up without question, keep each other’s secrets, and most of all, love each other unconditionally.   We started out as political colleagues and work friends, but now, having survived tests and trials together, we are each other’s family.  They are a blessing to me, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

A few years back,we decided to forgo our annual Christmas gift exchange, and, instead, we would participate in the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center’s Recreation Wish List (RWL) Christmas celebration.  SETLC, headed by the indefatigable Cora Masters Barry, is a wonderful recreation and learning center in Anacostia, serving hundreds of moderate- and low-inc ome families.  Each Christmas RLC selects deserving families from its roster of young people, and invites those families to submit a “Wish List” of Christmas gifts. The girls and I “adopt” a couple of families and every year and do our best to make their Christmases joyful.  We love it, and we especially love the Christmas morning pictures we receive from the families.  Talk about JOY!

Christmas 2012, we decided that, in addition to our Wish List duties, we would do something for each other … in celebration of our decades-long friendship, we sat for a photo session with the incomparable Sharon Farmer.  It was a fabulous day of ringing laughter and great music.  And I gotta tell you, it is HARD WORK!  Anyway, we love the pictures and hope you do too!

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