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Organizational & Team Development

IMG_0513With decades of hands-on experience managing complex organizational portfolios, we are uniquely qualified to help you position your business for success.  We’ve helped organizations large and small, community based and corporate, in developing organizational and business solutions for the challenges they face in a changing marketplace.

We put our experience to work for you, whether you are seeking to build organizational capacity, train (or re-train) your staff, recruit new Board members, set direction, develop a strategic plan, craft a communications strategy, or manage transitions and organizational change.  Maybe you have a vague sense that something in your organization isn’t working quite right.  Or maybe you know what the problem is, but you need help developing a solution.  No matter the challenge your business is facing, we have the skills to help you tackle the problem precisely, strategically, and successfully.

Business solutions for the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace.

We’ve partnered with organizations and budgets of all sizes, from religious and faith-based institutions to political organizations to business concerns to not-for-profits.  Whether your annual budget has eight zeros or three, whether you have three staff people or 300,000, we know that no two organizations are alike.  We will craft solutions tailored for YOUR organization and its unique challenges, all designed to support your drive to be effective and successful.


Our ApproachIMG_0513

IMG_0513Our approach is collaborative and custom-designed to meet your specific need.  Our work consists of three phases:

  1. Assessment:  this is where we begin — we ask a lot of questions and we do a lot of listening.  Once we understand your challenge, we will suggest a course of action and offer a roadmap for the work we will do with (or for) you.
  2.  Implementation:   Once we agree on goals, we move toward development of strategies that address your objectives or implementation of proven tactics that will yield the results you want.
  3. Evaluation:  Our work concludes with your evaluation of the work we have delivered for you.

Communication is key to a successful collaboration and we will work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way to ensure that we remain aligned with your goals.


Some Ways We Can Help You

  • Board training, meetings, retreats, and recruitment
  • Organizational Assessment and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning, Visioning, and Goal Setting
  • Business Process Reviews
  • Human Resources Tools
  • Staff and Team Training and/or Retreats


Let’s Talk

We’d love to talk with you about how we might help your organization grow.   Send us a note and let’s get the conversation started.