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Project Management

From time to time, organizations encounter the need to manage a discrete project, those enterprises that have a stated objective or goal, a firm deadline, and a specific end.

In some cases, these projects often require dedicated attention and support, and must be managed without disrupting normal business operations or personnel.   In other cases, businesses want to combine a fresh approach, new ideas, or objective leadership with the expertise of existing staff.  Whichever way you prefer to work, we have the depth of knowledge and experience to deliver results for you.

We can work with your existing team to manage your project, making sure that your project is delivered in alignment with your goals.   Or we can bring in an entire project team that operates parallel to your regular operations, minimizing disruption to your normal operations.  Or we can create a hybrid, supplementing your team with managers specifically chosen for your project.

 Examples of our work:


One Nation Working Together:  a coalition-led project seeking to create a high-profile, high-value strategy to bring attention for the issues of jobs, justice.  Leaders of this project include the nation’s leading civil rights and human rights organizations as well as America’s largest labor unions.  Project entailed creating an overall plan; developing timelines, benchmarks, and budgets; partner management; team oversight; media and communications strategy, including building web and social media presence/following;  and production of high-profile, televised event on the National Mall.


RMC-LOGO-4CReconnecting McDowell is a comprehensive, long-term, community renewal project that seeks to make educational improvement in McDowell County, WV the route to a brighter economic future.  Led by the American Federation of Teachers, partners from business, foundations, government, nonprofit agencies and labor work together to seek solutions to McDowell’s complex problems—poverty, underperforming schools, drug and alcohol abuse, housing shortages, limited medical services, and inadequate access to technology and transportation.  Our tasks here include: developing overall project plan; monitoring plan progress; working with an existing team of staff and volunteers to implement plans;  monitoring and developing representational opportunities for project’s principals; identifying funding  opportunities.


BFRC 1Dorothy I. Height Annual Black Family Reunion Celebration:  We supervised an existing team of staff and vendors assembled to produce National Council of Negro Women’s annual, signature festival on the National Mall regularly attended by more than 100,000 people.  Through team oversight, dedicated financial management, and successful client collaboration, significant cost savings were realized and desired programmatic changes were implemented without loss of revenue or sponsorship.


Some Ways We Can Help You:

  • Develop a concept-to-conclusion roadmap for your project, including timelines, milestones, budgets, and staffing plans.
  • Work with your existing team members to ensure that your established project deadlines and benchmarks are met.
  • Bring in a skilled, outside team of specialists to bring singular focus and objectivity to your project.
  • Project budget and financial management
  • General administrative support.


Let’s Talk

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