Leah Daughtry

Africa with President Clinton

Aug 2nd 2013

Africa with Clinton: Zambia (Day 4)

Awakened by the sunlight streaming through my balcony windows. It was too dark to see last night, but with the daylight I can see that I have a wonderful balcony that overlooks the Zambezi River. I had to force myself to leave the room – I could have easily spent the day on the balcony.

Aug 1st 2013

Africa with Clinton: Malawi (Day 1/2/3)

On Tuesday morning, July 30, I boarded a plane with other delegation members headed for out first stop, Malawi. 15 hours and 2 fuel stops later and we arrive in Malawi, affectionately known as The Warm Heart of Africa

Jul 30th 2013

Africa with President Clinton

Each year, President Clinton takes a small delegation to Africa to visit Clinton Foundation projects there. I was so honored to have been invited to join this year's trip to Africa.