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Mar 5th 2015

As Part of Political Elite, 5 “Colored Girls” Carry A Torch for Inclusion

New York Times

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Karen M. C.-Keys - Mar 25th @ 08:43pm

(HotL in diaspora - Raleigh) I found this quote especially important and telling. Rev. A.G. and Brenda Miller have been sharing bits of your awesome work. I pray for your growing success. “Here is a party that lives, breathes and dies on the fact that African-Americans have to get out to vote,” Ms. Moore said. “And there was not one person of color in leadership. All of those people might be well intended and really good people and good at their jobs, but it’s got to be something that makes them understand that if we’re trying to be the party of America, then something in this room doesn’t look right.”

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