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Feb 20th 2014

Let It Go!

No ClutterI’ve been feeling a little “cloudy” lately.  Good things are happening, new opportunities, new clients, new friends … watching God bring promises to life … it’s all good and I feel blessed.  But I’m also feeling a little confined – kinda like I’m outgrowing (or, have outgrown) my present “situation” or circumstance … like some things no longer suit me or fit into my vision of myself and where I’m going.

Since that could easily apply to a number of areas:  space, clothes, people, friends, relationships, space, habits, attitudes, emotions  – I’ve decided to embark on a life de-cluttering / releasing project that I’m gonna call “Let It Go!”

Since “let” means “to allow,” naming my project “Let It Go!” reminds me that things, people, emotions, and stuff are in my space, my orbit, my situation because I have allowed them to take up residence there.  And since it had my permission to come in, I’m the only one who has the power to get it out.  It’s under my control to change.   And I’m deciding to Let It Go!

I’ve been hearing this in my spirit for a few weeks now, so the arrival of the new issue of the Oprah Magazine, headlined “De-Clutter Your Life!” was confirmation.  I’m under no illusions that this will be easy.  After all, I’m attached to my stuff or it wouldn’t be part of my world.  You’re invited to share this journey with me through this blog … I welcome your comments, suggestions, and reflections.


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