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Jan 15th 2016

Dartmouth College MLK Celebration

Dartmouth College >< January 15, 2016 ... 4pm >< Rockefeller Center for Public Policy


Frank Lesher - Jan 16th @ 02:51pm

Dear Rev. Daughtry, I greatly enjoyed your remarks here at Dartmouth yesterday afternoon on civil discourse. I especially appreciated your answer to me on my despondency regarding whether we will ever get back to a time where civil discussions lead to agreement, even among Rs and Ds. I too, am a 'captive of Hope' and usually optimism too, but this current electoral cycle is certainly testing all of us. By coincidence, I see in today's NYT op-Ed by Timothy Egan, that he shares the sentiment I voiced in my too-long question to you ..."his (POTUS) years in office showed how deep-rooted the sentiments behind those barriers remains". I will comfort myself with the words you quoted from Maya Angelou, who I first heard speak when I attended President Clinton's inauguration as Ron Brown's guest....I wish they both were still with us. Very best wishes, Frank , happy parent of D'02s and a D'10

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