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Aug 18th 2015

Apropos of #BlackLivesMatter and @HillaryClinton

I’m talking about the video of the conversation that is making its way around the internet. Consider this the beginning of a rant …

  1. If you have not watched the entire video … THE ENTIRE VIDEO … from start to finish, unedited, you are unqualified to comment.
  2. If what you know about the conversation is what you learned from twitter, Facebook, Medium, the (insert city) Times or Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, other networks, or –lawdhammercy – FOX, you are not qualified to comment.
  3. If you have spent any time at all complaining about the MSM and its “biased” viewpoint, then don’t use the MSM as the basis or the confirmation of your opinion. How you gonna declare that the MSM is a tool of the government, the Republicans, the Democrats, the oppressor, or whoever else is allegedly holding us  back, down, or under, and then believe everything MSM says about everything?
  4. If you are posting commentary and reaching conclusions based on a redacted statement or ONE LINE or ONE PART of the conversation, your commentary, conclusions, and analysis cannot be trusted. Any one statement considered outside of its full context is a soundbite, and not useful for either critique or praise. Remember what “they” did to Jeremiah Wright or Adam Clayton Powell or INSERT PUBLIC FIGURE’S NAME based on one snippet of one moment in time.
  5. Where we are in the political cycle and in the life of the Movement deserves more than fly-by analysis and unthoughtful (and unhelpful) commentary. The advance of the Movement is at stake. The future of the country is at stake.
  6. And God’s sake, stop posting vapid, uninformed, one-sided, unconfirmed accounts of stuff with the disclaimer “I’m just gonna leave this right here.” You are helping no one and are potentially contributing to the intellectual deficiency of way too many people. No, don’t just leave it here; take it with you.  Or better yet, keep it to yourself.

Done … for now …

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