Weekly Meditations

". . . we must not love in word or speech, but in deed and truth. "

1 John 3:18 (CSB)

Jan 10th 2014

Talk Is Cheap

Recently, I was watching the very interesting television show Intervention. It’s a series that follows addicts and their families as they fight to change their lives. In one episode, the addict (a young alcoholic) recalled that his father would regularly beat his mother, and would often wake the kids up to watch the beatings. When the interviewer asked the mother (also an addict) why she stayed with her husband as long as she did, mom gave a list of reasons, among them: “he said he loved me.”

The “Love” word gets thrown around a lot these days. We use it for everything and everybody. For clothes, for food, for shoes (yes, I’m guilty). For friends and acquaintances, for people we just met, and for those we’ve known forever. We love him. We love her. We love them. Sometimes we actually mean it. But most times . . .

For all us love-aholics, the Scripture reminds us that when we love someone, it shouldn’t just be in pretty words and flowery speech. Instead, our love should be demonstrated through real action. I’m not saying that you should run right out and send someone flowers (well, then again . . . ). But there are many ways to show your love. Send a note. Be respectful. Pick up the dry-cleaning. Make time. Cook dinner – or make reservations. Be sweet. Pray with them. Encourage their latest enterprise. Tell the truth (with love, of course). Show up on time. Listen.

Look, talk is cheap. Anybody can say “I love you.” But do the actions match the words? Cause real love proves itself in the doing, not just in the saying.