Weekly Meditations

"[God] only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved. "

Psalms 62:6 (KJV)

Jan 5th 2014



So I’ve been called stubborn a few times. Sometimes they were right. Mostly they were wrong. I’m generally open to most things, including other opinions. And even if I have a position, I’ll sit still long enough to hear anyone with a different viewpoint. Look, you just never know where your help (or the answer you’ve been waiting for) might come from, so it always pays to listen.

But on one thing, I am completely unshakeable, totally unmoveable. And that’s my faith in God. There is absolutely nothing that anyone can say or do to shake my trust, my loyalty, my love for the Most High God. It is a fact of life for me, and one that simply is not going to change.

These days, who – or what – can you trust? The weather? Unpredictable. Career? Here today, gone tomorrow. Money? Please! Family and Friends? Even the best, most loving and well-intentioned ones have human limitations.

But when the storms of life come and the chilly winds of adversity begin to blow – as they most certainly will – I know that I will find refuge in the God of my salvation. When turmoil is all around me, and confusion seems to reign supreme, I do not fret because I know that God is constant – He is a rock. And when the Enemy of my soul or my enemies on earth set themselves against me, my heart does not fear – because the God-of-the-Angel-Armies stands ready to defend and protect me. He is steadfast, unmoveable, unchanging and unchangeable in His love for me. And if He’s that stubborn about me, I can be that stubborn about Him.